Grasso Associates experience and leadership offers over 35-years of successful completion of energy and real estate projects between $75-million and $5-billion. Our team’s combined 150-plus years’ of proven expertise focus on public relations, expediting environmental and construction permits, community affairs, and governmental affairs have resulted in projects starting on time and within budget. Our 24/7 Crisis Management practice combined with an intense focus on managing projects from conception to completion and into operation offers the diverse skillsets needed to complete today’s rigid requirements for projects.

Grasso Associates uses creative, strategic thinking, and talent to lobby the legislative, regulatory and executive branches to accomplish client objectives. Strict accounting, budgetary controls, well-scripted communications, brand promotion, brand protection, strategic planning, and contract management are additional skillsets available to Grasso Associate’s clients. From concept to conclusion, Grasso Associates employs and hires the best talent and measures its success only by that of its clients. Whether a new project or one in trouble, your Grasso Associates team will quickly, confidentially and ably take charge. Again, what can we do for you?

30 Years and Both Sides of the Aisle