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GRASSO ASSOCIATES has been a pioneer in groundbreaking, concept origination, scientific and engineering developments since the 1960s and have coordinated national engineering, consulting, and construction management. Each of us has provided integrated services to the energy, real estate, environmental or infrastructure markets since we began our careers. We serve a broad range of clients in government and industry, implementing complex projects from initial concept to delivery and operation. Grasso has a long history of excellence in the energy industry, including permitting of a wide variety of renewable energy technologies such as wind, solar, and hydro. In addition to our full-service permitting capabilities, Grasso also has extensive experience in coordinating civil and electrical engineering as well as power delivery and construction oversight. We have a significant presence in the energy business landscape, supporting some of the country’s leading energy companies. Our associated engineers and scientists have been at the forefront as the U.S. responds to changes resulting from the nation’s transition in government policies toward renewable energy development, end user energy management, and environmental protection. Grasso is proud of its past and is dedicated to supporting the energy industry to meet the needs of a growing and changing nation & world.

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Jim Grasso

James A. Grasso

Tel: 844-547-2776 [844-JGRASSO]

Jim Grasso is the President & CEO of Grasso Associates, an energy, public relations, government affairs, and crisis management consulting firm. Most recently, he served as Vice President for Public and Governmental Affairs for The New England Div. of Southern Union Company. Prior to that, he served as Vice President of Public and Government Affairs, and Investor Relations for Providence Energy Corporation and its major subsidiary, Providence Gas Company. A registered lobbyist, Jim has held senior positions for leading energy companies, including Algonquin Gas Transmission, Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline, and PanEnergy for nearly 31 years.

Craig Germain


Craig Germain, 2016

Executive Vice President

Tel: 386-597-3134

Linkedin: Contact CRAIG on Linkedin

Craig Germain has spent 45 years in the business world with the last three at Grasso Associates. Born in Buffalo, New York Germain grew up in the Florida Keys, graduated from the University of Texas (Austin), received an MBA from North Texas State University and completed graduate work in economics at Harvard University. Craig began his work experience as a high school teacher, then a graduate university instructor and accepted a position (1972) with Southland Financial (Dallas, Texas) as a senior executive in project development, for its 12,000-acre development (Las Colinas) in Irving (Texas) that required use of his motivational and sales skills, real estate planning, development and knowledge of construction, personnel management and strategic financial planning. During his 15 year employment with Southland Financial, Germain honed his people management skills and was given the responsibility for six (6) divisions and 750+ people in the development of Las Colinas. Following his efforts in Las Colinas, Germain started a real estate development and sales company building it from one office and three (3) people to five (5) offices, 250 employees and $85 million in annual business activity. After selling the real-estate company, Germain acquired a Nestle franchise and achieved a 20-fold increase in sales revenue within two years. In each instance, Germain has either hired his replacement or sold the operating entity. In every endeavor, Germain has been responsible for envisioning future objectives, managing personnel and finding business finance. Today, Germain continues to use his well-rounded business skills and financial contacts as an asset for both CHCC Company LLC (financial & management consultancy) and Grasso Associates LLC (marketing & public relations) for both energy start-ups and seasoned enterprises.

Most recently, Craig worked for CHCC Company and as president of the management consulting firm, among other things, he placed a $1.2 billion capital stack for a company in the northeast midstream energy sector. Personally, Craig has earned 6 USPTO patents.

Current Industry Focus:

  • Energy
  • Restaurant
  • Real Estate (commercial, residential and land development)

New Projects:

  • Canadian Distribution Center (1-million b/p/d crude, midstream, pipeline to rail)
  • Life Suit (patented, “pull over” enclosure, protection from airborne poisons)
  • Safe Hydrogen (dispatchable, utility grade, energy storage, renewables)
  • Energy Power Pole (full “residential” need, “off-grid”, renewables)


Brad Maher, VP of Business Development

Tel: 781-455-0226

A Seasoned Business Development and Sales Executive with extensive track record in the affinity, co-brand, and financial institution marketplaces. Brings 20+ years of experience in the development and implementation of strategic initiatives.

Strong leadership and analytic aptitudes in driving business objectives and coordinating efforts of people at all levels. A proven leader with demonstrated ability to secure relationships and close business with key decision makers from Senior Managers to C-Level executives.

A keen negotiator with an entrepreneurial drive to expand business and grow revenue. A team player of high integrity, loyalty, and persistence.

Specialties: Sales planning, implementation, operations management, relationship management (existing & potential), contract negotiations, and presentations

Michael Beucler


Michael Beucler, Business Development

Tel: 781-455-0226

Linkedin: Contact MICHAEL on Linkedin

Michael Beucler is the newest addition to Grasso Associates, LLC. With a Bachelor's degree in Communication from Boston University majoring in public relations with a concentration in political science, Beucler brings a fresh skill set to the conversation. With a history in both real estate and the oil and gas industry, Beucler specializes in new client acquisitions with heavy emphasis in new energy. In addition to new client endeavors, he is also responsible for Grasso Associates, LLC's social media presence and web development.

General Counsel

Tel: 781-455-0226

Senior Advisors

Burt Hammer


Burt Hamner

Tel: 781-455-0226

Linkedin: Contact BURT on Linkedin

Burt Hamner has worked with tidal power, offshore wind, shipyards and boatyards, marine construction projects and environmental permitting, and founding marine renewable energy companies.   As President of Windbase Offshore, Burt is the New England regional distributor for the "Titan" mobile jackup platform for offshore wind turbines and meteorological towers.   The Titan 200 is a unique, USA patented structure, specifically designed for off shore wind turbines in water depths between 50 and 300 feet (which are the prime wind locations on the Atlantic Seaboard of the United States) and are hurricane CAT 5 rated.

As President of Hydrobee SPC he is launching a micro turbine for harvesting USB charging power from rivers and streams, waves, winds, and other kinetic energy sources.  His last company, Hydrovolts, made small hydrokinetic turbines for renewable energy from canals, rivers and tidal channels.  Burt’s three patent-pending turbine inventions won four major clean tech contests.  As a consultant he directed the Tacoma Narrows Tidal Power Feasibility Study for a major public utility.  This led Burt to found the Grays Harbor Ocean Energy Company to pursue large offshore wind+wave renewable energy projects around the USA.  His permit initiatives were catalytic to the major reorganization of offshore renewable energy management by the Federal government.  Burt’s novel designs for integrating wave energy generation into offshore structures received international media attention.  He was Chairman of the Marine Technology Society’s Renewable Energy Committee from 2008-2009.  He was appointed as International Advisor on Marine Energy Resources in 2008 by the New Zealand Ministry of Energy. 

Before his ocean energy adventures, Burt spent 15 years as a clean technology consultant and worked in 16 countries, primarily in Southeast Asia and South America.  He has advised governments and consulted to the US Agency for International Development, the Asian Development Bank, the United Nations, small and large companies, and non-profit organizations.  In 2003 he chaired the panel session on Clean Technology Investment at the United Nations Summit on Sustainable Finance. 

Burt was raised in marine biology labs around the world by his scientist parents.  He lived in the Bahamas, Baja Caliifornia, Australia and Palau before he enrolled at Harvard College in Boston.  He studied marine biology and the History of Science while working at the Nahant Marine Laboratory as a research assistant.  After graduation he moved to Seattle where his first significant job was as a marine environmental coordinator for the US Army Corps of Engineers.  After several years managing numerous coastal projects he entered graduate school at the University of Washington and obtained Master’s degrees in Marine Studies and in Business Administration.