Feasibility & Due Diligence

With the increased demand for renewable and traditional forms of energy, Grasso and its partners can help with both land based and offshore power developments by providing professional services on projects from coast to coast and beyond. We have worked with developers, utilities, and government agencies to provide efficient, cost-effective support for both large and small commercial-scale energy (traditional and renewable) projects. Grasso will provide the expertise and resources necessary to plan, permit, engineer, and support construction of your energy or real estate project.

Services we can include are, but not limited to: Site Selection & Due Diligence Support, Potential site identification and GIS constraint mapping, Site feasibility/critical issues “fatal flaw” assessment, Meteorological specifications, Monitoring and data analysis, Wind-field modeling, Computational fluid dynamics modeling, Permit & Operational Support, Local, state & federal permitting support, Avian and bat pre & post construction studies, Wetlands and ecological assessments, Threatened & endangered species clearances, Cultural resources clearances, Noise impact analyses, Visual simulations, Shadow flicker, Storm water & spill prevention plans, Engineering Support, Interconnection capacity studies, Interconnection requirements assessment, Power systems studies, Reliability committee submittals, Transmission line, Collector system, substation, & switchyard engineering & design, Civil engineering design, including access, roads and road improvements, Construction support, including engineering, procurement, construction and other studies your project may require.