The Life Suit

Terrorism, Structural Failure or Accident, Can Your Employees or Customers Shelter-In-Place?

SHELTER-IN-PLACE’S BELT PACK. A “BELT PACK” can save you and your small child’s life from a terrorists strike at a nuclear power plant causing a radiation leak (meltdown) or an air-borne virus (Ebola, measles), toxic substance (petroleum rail tanker derailment), poison gas (in air-conditioning ducts) and smoke (house, building or outdoor wild fire). The rigorously tested, very portable and very safe BELT PACK contains an inflatable upper torso enclosure in which to shelter-in-place. It is inexpensive, has a 7-year shelf life, and deployable in 1-minute. The BELT PACK contains the above inflatable enclosure but also has pockets for other fanny pack items such as a cell phone, wallet, money, keys, etc.


  1. Read and become familiar with the BELT PACK instruction manual.
  2. Buckle the BELT PACK around your waist.
  3. Pull the belt buckle’s adjustable straps tight with pouch positioned in front. The side BELT PACK pockets are for personal items, such as wallet, cell phone, keys, money, etc.).
  4. If you have a small child, book-bag or purse, sit down and put them on your lap.
  5. Unzip the top of the BELT PACK and put a face mask on your child and you.
  6. Put the adjustable Visor Cap snugly on your head.
  7. Turn the red battery power switch to the “on” position (3-hour duration).
  8. Unzip the bottom of the PACK, pull the blue air-supply hose to its full length and place it on top of the Visor Cap.
  9. Pull the enclosure down around your entire upper torso. Pull the cinch straps tight at your waist (underneath the BELT PACK and legs of the child, hence, fully enclosing your upper torso). You and your child are now safe.
  10. The orange air intake hose must hang free below the BELT PACK and extend outside the cinched enclosure (do not allow the air supply hose to be blocked, bent or remain inside the enclosure).
  11. The incoming filtered air will begin to inflate the enclosure by pulling outside air in through the orange air intake hose, through the blower/air filter and into the enclosure through the blue air supply hose.
  12. When the air monitor registers or stays in the “safe” region for a few minutes, you may remove your & your child’s face masks and use your cell phone to dial 911. Communicate with First Responders and answer their questions.
  13. Call a family member and tell them where you are, what has happened and that you are safe.
  14. If the blower stops blowing, check to be sure the switch is still in the “on” position. If the switch is still in the “on” position but not working, put your face mask(s) back on, adjust them and immediately exit the enclosure.

The Life Suit is a quick, “shelter-in-place” enclosure that is easy-to-use with clean filtered filling an air-inflating membrane that protects the occupant (medical professional, first responder or general public) from poison gasses and contagious diseases.  The Life Suit is available by itself or built into a book-bag, back-pack, briefcase, carry-on, purse, “hoodie” or travel jacket.  The Life Suit can protect the daily activities of 2,000,000 air-travelers, 50,000,000 students, 120,000,000 commuters plus shoppers, spectators and 11,000 babies.  The patented Life Suit is planned to proactively protect the public, you!

The Life Suit can encapsulate other protective clothing and groups of people (“Life Tent”).  The larger enclosure is to protect several people together, depending on the size of the enclosure and like the Life Suit, it produces an over pressure environment within the protective enclosure so that a positive flow of filtered air is maintained between the interior of the suit or enclosure and the outside environment, thus assuring that no contaminants penetrate the protected, contaminant free interior.  If you want to review the patent, please click here.  
A depiction of one form of our patented “Life Suit” is shown in the photograph.  The protective enclosures (as seen in the photograph and illustrations in the patent document) are all covered by the patent that protect individuals from contact with and inhalation of noxious chemicals, inorganic and organic dust and particles, radiation and viruses (such as Ebola) as well as radioactive particles that would ordinarily be associated with nuclear plant failures and/or an intentional terrorist attack.  Life Suits are portable and thus capable of being carried by commuters, students, travelers and others who might be threatened by any contagious disease or other airborne threat.   

All distributors, importers, users and manufactures of protective gear are encouraged to review the Life Suit information and, if works within your business model, become a Licensee for the patent and its covered products.  If you market, plan to market, sell or import such products in the USA, that meets the patent description, then you may proactively obtain authorization (licensee) to sell and offer to sell such enclosures by being licensed. 

For your convenience, click here to view a copy of a Patent Licensing Agreement and click here to view a copy of the actual patent. Should you decide to market our patented invention yourself or through distributors, Grasso Group US is willing to grant a license (and cover your entire distribution chain). 

If you have any questions, please contact our General Counsel at 508-845-1119 ( and we will help keep the United States’ citizens and residents safe.

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